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Price per minute: $7.99 as of January 16th, 2017

Nick Name: AspenPeeks

Sex: Female

Age: 30

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Green

Languages: English

Race: White

Body Type: Slender

Boob Size: Average

Pussy Hair: Bald

Sign: Taurus

Measurements: 36-24-27" (91-61-69cm)

Height: 5'10" (1.8m)   Weight: 130lbs (58kg)

What Gets Me Off:

A shower together while having sex standing up all nice and wet and steamy! I like a fresh shaved face and trimmed up with muscles and nice ass! Tell me what your fantasies are.

What I Do On Cam:

I love watching you when you are in my Private room watching me. I love to role play. I am almost always NUDE and Masturbating in my Private Show. If you want wardrobe changes or to Direct the Show you can go Exclusive for a more Personalized Show!

My Sex Skills:

My expertise are dancing sexy, sucking cock, titty fucking, foot jobs, hand jobs, taking as much cock as possible... I'm not here to 'Hook-up' (including any travel) in the real world with anyone but I'll role play about it ;)


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  • PollyPrissyPants PollyPrissyPants (7) - on 06/01/14 -
    10   22
    AspenPeeks Cam Review - 1)Poor lighting, washes out room in a yellow tone 2)Poor quality video feed; blurry low definition, 3)Loud, repetitive music; always M'Black's "Heartbreak", 4)Achingly bad 'singing' to "Heartbreak" and other repeated songs in show, 5)Heavily affected mannerisms like off-putting fake accents, dancing, lip-syncing and performances, 6)Heavy-handed make-up application; very distracting, 7)Poor quality wigs; think "Cat Lady Godiva", very distracting, 8)Emotional instability during show appears to be exacerbated by heavy on-cam alcohol and marijuana use, crying, complaining, yelling, 9)Unprovoked and uncalled for bashing of popular cam models; should have been banned many times over for this offense (and the on-cam drinking and 'herbalizing') These points are why I have given this cam .5 stars.
  • JustMe JustMe (1) - on 05/22/14 -
    10   21
    First let me get the obvious out of the way. Aspen is very hot, sweet and sexy! The cons of being in her room. She comes across at times very manic at times breaking down in hysterics. the later it gets the more you will see her checking her placement which sends her deeper into being upset and tears. Yup a guy wants to spend $$ on that. Her music, although great is way too loud!! And lastly, I just which she understood, guys aren't there to watch a wannabe singer give a concert. We want a sexy Siren to entice us to spend money for her attention. Her voice is so vocal fried (that is a term, google it.) You've heard it like the P. Hilton and the "omggg" type girls. Her singing is like nails on a chalkboard. Of course she thinks she's the next big singing hit. If I hear her practice song "This is how my heart breaks" one more time lol. I heard her say once she just wants to hear her music and sing. Well a cam site isn't for that sweetie. Do you want to make money or just sing all day. If the latter then go make that happen, if you can, and stay off the cam sites OR focus your attention on the guys and not your music and trying to sing. Do that when you are not on cam and in her free time.
  • John2424 John2424 (6) - on 07/03/15 -
    7   18
    Attractive woman but acts very spastic. Makes you wonder if she has mental issues or is on weird drugs.
  • WillyWonka WillyWonka (1) - on 09/28/13 -
    5   15
    very sexy lady with a big personality. I like her fun side and that she keeps the clients interested by changing up her outfits. I don't like the loud music, it is very distracting and off putting and needs to be toned down drastically. Another negative is her camera is set too high and does not get enough of her lower body in view during shows. Overall, a great time but there are some changes need to happen here.
  • fabio11 fabio11 (7) - on 01/30/14 -
    13   22
    to loud to obnoxious this girl needs to settle down.
    • TWOBALLSALVE TWOBALLSALVE (8) - on 02/01/14 -
      14   13
      Maybe you do. I think you like girls with little personality. Too much of a challenge for you maybe.
  • CelebGossipShop CelebGossipShop (1) - on 12/23/14 -
    4   10
    always gr8!
  • YesOk1 YesOk1 (4) - on 05/31/17 -
    0   6
    She gets 5 stars for never giving up.
    I honestly don't know how she does it.
  • MichaelB MichaelB - on 08/06/15 -
    8   12
    Can often be found crying, yelling, complaining, bragging about being a talented starving singer. In five mins ive been overwhelmed by the loud techno music, bad singing (disturbing cat scratchy voice), tears, bad lighting, complaining about other models and just general erratic emotions and behavior. Not my thing.
  • ILoveLamp ILoveLamp (3) - on 11/16/16 -
    6   8
    I tried to start a show with her today, but she was too busy singing and looking at herself in the cam to even acknowledge me. She is always complaining that people don't talk to her or spend money on her- well I tried and she totally ignored me, which I found totally lame in and of itself. Too bad she missed out on getting my money because she is too involved in watching herself "sing" and do weird dancing moves. She has a hot body and a nice room, but REALLY lacks understanding as to what CAMMING is. Her "singing" might go over with members better on MFC, but this is not streamate material.... Plus her singing sounds pretty bad, no offense.
  • darrenrenyolds darrenrenyolds (1) - on 10/22/16 -
    7   6
    Worst girl on the whole site..ASPENPEEKS IS BITCHY,CONDESCENDING SPOILED BRAT,who can be found singing here horrible music(that she thinks is sooo good)THIS IS NOT AMERICAN IDOL OR KARAOKE!!!!This is a cam site where i want to jerk off.Shes always bitching about people not spending money.I DO NOT WANT TO SPEND MONEY TO LISTEN TO UR SCREECHING,i mean singing....even when i went into private with her she was boring and seemed bored with herself. The whole private was too fake and i wish i could get a refund on my money...waste of time. WARNING DO NOT SPEND YOUR GOLD ON THIS MODEL! YOU WILL REGRET IT!!!
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